Gazzara Folk Group was founded in 1988 thanks to the will of some people loving and studying popular tradition, interested in revaluating and trasmitting the ancient folklore of Sicily as well as the one of the "Madonie" area. By means of ancient songs, dances and stage performances, the group tries to express loves, joys, pains and games of Sicilian people. Gazzara Folk Group has taken part in national and international festivals and meeting rising many appreciations and good judgements by the audience of several European Coutries . The Group has been engaged in an intense activity for fourteen years and, among other things, it has produced a tape record of unpublished popular songs entitled "Terravecchia and Cantamu l'amuri anticu di la nostra SICILIA". -It has taken part in several telecasts such as Geo & Geo, Rai Regione and Rai International folk meetings. -It also has organized various demonstrations such as village, local, regional and international folk meetings. -It has been organizing the annual International Folklore Festival held in Caltavuturo since 1995, which takes place in the splendid ampitheatre of the village.

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