- Pipers Parade : several pipers in traditional clothes perform passages of Sicily and world Christimas musical tradition. - Santa Claus Parade : Girls and men dressed as Santa Claus perform Christimas songs follwing sleighs. - Christimas Concert : Musicians and singers preform Christimas song and ballads of Sicilian tradition. - Ballo della Cordella :In a wide square, each dancer dances a tarantella holding a rope which is to be weaved around a pole in order to form wonderful interlacings. - Scotis : A nice and slow dance of French origin involving dancer's legs and hands. - Contraddanza : A fast Tarantella dance of French origin, with dancers led by a chief called "U Bastonieri". _ - A Sudura : A stage rapresentation of the cycle of the wheat, a mixing of traditional songs, prayers, recitations and dances. - Games :Traditional and ancientchild games: (strùmmula ), performed with a wood sphere thrown on the ground to twirl as long as possible; (ciacuddi ), preformed by girls by means of little stones, thrown in the air, which must be collected in one hand only while falling; (marredda), performed by jumping on one foot only within a series of rectangles pictured on the ground without touching any lines; (mazzoli ), a sort of baseball game, where two sticks of wood of different length and size are employed; (secunnu lisciu ), consisting of a series of reapeted jumps of some boys on many other boys' shoulders.


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